Modified Bitumen Roof Repair and Installation

Modified Bitumen Roof Repair and Installation

For a Modified Bitumen Roof Repair Or Installation, You Can Count On Our Roofers.

If you are an office building owner operating in Charlotte and Matthews, NC and are wanting modified bitumen roof services like repairs and installations, the roofing contractors at A Plus Roofing and Construction are ready to assist. For more than forty years, the modified bitumen roof has been the prominent roofing system for office buildings that possess a slanted or flat roof surface. There are two kinds of modified bitumen roofs, APP, and SBS, and our professional roofing contractors are able to install and repair these roofs. If you want a cost-effective, strong, and adaptable roofing system, a modified bitumen system is the option for you. Are you eager to get a durable modified bitumen roofing system for your office building? Call our commercial roofers now at 980-208-4205 for the best modified bitumen roof system.

Excellent Modified Bitumen Roof Advantages

  • Affordable Roofing System: A modified bitumen roof is extremely cost-effective in terms of material cost and installation.
  • Long-Standing Roofing Architecture: Modified bitumen roofing systems are made from very sturdy material and don’t require a lot of upkeep, so these roofing systems can endure for 20 years.
  • A More Flexible Roofing System: Regardless if you need your roof to be assembled using hot, cool, or bonding, or bear a specific look in your head, you can achieve any of this with a modified bitumen roof.
  • Incredibly Strong: Many buildings are susceptible to tears and puncture due to wear and tear, but with a modified bitumen roofing system, proprietors never have to worry since they are really durable materials.

Our roofers are qualified in every modified bitumen roofing service, from renovations to upkeep, so contact our roofing company now for a modified bitumen roof in Charlotte and Matthews, NC.

Better Roofing for Your Commercial Property

Better Roof for Your Commercial Property

Call A Plus Roofing and Construction for Modified Bitumen Roof Services in Charlotte, NC, and Matthews, NC.

Roof installations should always be done correctly the first time around, but occasionally that’s not always the fact; at A Plus Roofing and Construction you are able to trust that our roofing contractors will always install your modified bitumen roofing the correct way. We guarantee that our modified bitumen roofing systems are installed accurately by hiring certified roofers who have decades of knowledge, and by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and materials. We all want a roofing business that is trustworthy and has the ability to provide fantastic roof services, and the roofers at A Plus Roofing and Construction can accomplish this through our quality and honest service. To get repairs or an installation of a modified bitumen roof in Charlotte and Matthews, NC, call 980-208-4205.